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Online Quran Classes for Kids to Understand the Book of Allah

Quran Classes for kids

The Holy Book of Muslims – The Quran – holds a special place in our life. It is the book of Allah, which the Almighty has sent down upon Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and the Muslim Umah by Hazrat Gabriel (the Angel). Every Muslim must read and understand Quran.

A person who teaches the Quran and takes Quran Classes is known as a Maulvi. The reason why people resort to these Quran teachers is that the Holy Quran is written in Arabic.

Translations of the Quran are indeed available in every possible language, but reciting it in Arabic, the original language it was revealed in, holds more importance and brings more blessings.

Generally, kids around 5 or 6 years start reciting the Quran. The younger they start the better. Kids are flexible, attentive, smart, and quick learners. Understanding and learning the Book of Allah is not going to be a difficult task for them and this is why they start early.

Change In Trend of Learning the Quran

A few decades ago, things were simple. All you needed to do was send the kids to Madrassas (a place where Maulvi teaches Quran to many students at a time) and that was all. They would learn the Quran there and come home.

But, in today’s time, this is not possible. Life has become so fast-paced, parents are busy, kids are busy, the environment is not safe and so many other factors have made this Madrassa trend lose importance.

Once the trend of sending kids to Madrassas became very less, the next best option was to call a Quran teacher (Maulvi) and ask him/her to teach the kids. This method has its drawbacks.

First of all, you have very few choices to choose from. If you are living in a Muslim country, it is not that difficult. In that case, you have so many options to choose from that finding the best can become difficult. On the other hand, people who live in a non-Muslim country say that finding a good Quran teacher to take the Quran class for kids is near to impossible.

Mostly, the Maulvi is not even properly educated. This is the most dangerous situation of them all. If your child is being taught by a person who is not properly certified and who does not himself/herself have proper knowledge of the Quran, what will happen? I shudder to think of it.

Moreover, for the past 2 years, the COVID pandemic has made it impossible to interact with people from outside. Schools are shut down, Madrassas are not operational and Quran teachers are not coming and going. So, what is the alternative?

Yes, the best way is to go online, search for a course and get your kids enrolled. Are you feeling reluctant? Read on to know why online Quran classes are going to be the best you can do for your child.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

People are a little taken aback when they hear about online Quran classes. One of the things I get to hear is that “Oh MY God, how can someone teach the Quran online?” “It must be a scam” “It can’t be practical” 

Well, let me tell you this. It is possible, practical, and not a scam. Best of all, the Quran classes online have been a thing for quite a while now and are only gaining popularity because of the convenience, ease of use, and worldwide acceptance of this method.

It is narrated in Al-Bukhari “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an” If you look at this Hadith closely, it is not mentioned HOW to learn the Quran if learning the Quran in person is better or not if you need to be in a Madrassa or not. It simply shows that the best Muslim is one who learns the Quran. That is it!

Why Should Quran Classes for Kids be Online?

There are many advantages of teaching your kids the Quran through online classes. This is why this trend is gaining so much popularity. Many websites have emerged over the past years which are taking courses and teaching the Book of Allah to kids from all the corners of the world.

The only thing you as parents need to be careful about is the pick the right course for your kids. There are many options online. Some offer free classes, others have a price. Don’t fall for the free courses. Yes, many freelancers do take free classes, but it is important to check their authenticity. For a single person, checking the authenticity can be difficult.

For websites offering courses, always ask questions. See the reviews, talk to people who have already taken the course. See if they are satisfied or not. You can also ask to check the degrees and qualifications of the Quran teachers employed by a website.

Do your homework well and then shortlist a website/course for your kid to enroll into. If possible, take a few classes with him/her to know how they go about teaching the kids. Having said that, some of the major advantages are mentioned below

Qualified and Professional Teachers

Now, learning Quran from the best is not restricted to one country or region. Online classes have changed the way Quran was taught before. Now, every person in the world has access to the best teachers. Sitting in France, you can enroll your kid in a Quran course being taught by a Quran teacher in Saudi Arabia.

E-learning also gives you the option of choosing the method of learning and the material from all around the World. So, if you are willing to pay a little extra for the best Quran teachers, it does not get better than this.

As parents, you get to pick from a pool of highly qualified and professional teachers. Before you enroll your kids in a course, you can also ask to check the qualification of the teacher.

Secondly, choosing amongst male and female teachers is also very easy now. All you need to do is enroll in a class that has a male teacher or a female teacher. There are mixed classes and individual classes for the convenience of people.

Time Flexibility

In case your kid is just taking online classes alone and not in the group, you have a lot of flexibility on the time of the classes. If there is some emergency or your kid has to skip the class for some reason, you can always inform the tutor/teacher and the class can be rescheduled. The kid will not miss anything.

On the other hand, classes in groups are also flexible and convenient. The time is often selected to accommodate and facilitate all the kids participating in the lecture. So, if you get late free and want to keep an eye on your kids while he/she is attending the class, you can always ask for a time later at night.

If everyone is willing, the class will be held at that time. If it is difficult, your kid will be shifted to a class that is available at that time. With kids from all over the world attending and because of the time difference, classes going on around the clock.


We know how kids are. Impatient and stubborn. They have their days and a times don’t even want to leave the house for going to school. With online classes, this is another thing where you don’t need to worry much. Now, kids can learn from the convenience of their homes.

It has been seen that when kids are comfortable and in their home environment, they are more open to learning and study better.

Individual Attention

Learning the Quran is nothing like learning your course books. As it is in Arabic, it is very important to keep an eye on the way words are spoken. For people who don’t have Arabic as their native language, this can get a little difficult. Studying with proper Tajweed is important; otherwise, you will not be doing it right.

Traditionally, kids used to learn in large groups. Since childhood, my concept of a Quran school or Madrassa was long lines of kids sitting on the floor, moving back and forth, and reciting the Quran quickly in a loud voice. They just kept on reading and reading and reading, and this was how they used to memorize it.

But, what we don’t understand is that the aim is not just to memorize the words. The Quran is such a beautiful Book, a Book with all the teachings of Allah Almighty, and is a proper code of conduct for life here and hereafter. It is important to understand every word so that we can understand how to spend our lives in a way that Allah Almighty will be happy with use.

In online classes, the number of students per class is kept small. You can find courses with a maximum number of 10 students taking part. This is so that the Quran teacher can give time to every child individually. In case a child needs more help, they will be able to help him/her.

Parent’s Monitoring

Have you been taught by a Maulvi at home? What is your memory related to that? For me, it was the constant shouting and occasional beating. Yes, everyone doesn’t need to share the same experience, but most of the people I know, have had a very bad experience with the Maulvis.

Why is that so? Traditionally, this was the method of teaching. The old-fashioned Quran teachers used to believe that if you utter one word of the Quran wrong, it will be a big sin. This is not the case. Of course, when kids are learning, there are going to be mistakes, there are going to be wrong pronunciations. Beating and shouting are not the way out. This is why many people lost confidence in the Quran teachers a while ago.

In online learning, you can always keep an eye on your kids. Even if you are not feeling well, you can ask your kid to bring his laptop and sit in your room so you can keep an eye on him/her.

These are the advantages being offered by Online Quran Classes for kids in general. How will you select which one is the best Quran class for a child? The following points will help you in the selection process.

How to Select an Online Class?

For kids Quran learning, you might want something different and exciting. Undoubtedly, learning the Quran does not need to be boring and there are so many ways it can be made entertaining for the kids.

Look for specially designed kids courses. Courses with a lot of interactive sessions, quizzes, storytelling should be preferred. The kid courses are always made fun of and should not impose learning on your kid. The best ones are ones in which the kids learn and don’t even feel like they are learning.

There is an option of Reading class and Memorization class. If you want your kid to only understand and read the Quran and not be a Hafiz (a person who has learned the Quran by heart) you should pick the reading class. The memorization one is for kids who want to become Hafiz.


We hope that this guide helped make you understand the importance and advantages of online Quran classes for kids to understand the Book of Allah i.e. the Quran.

With the internet revolution, our entire life has gone online. Why not use the internet for something fruitful? Let us teach our kids the importance of the Quran from the best teachers in the world so that they can learn and understand our beautiful religion better.

With the COVID pandemic in full swing, life is not going to be normal anytime soon. Let’s not waste time and devote this time to help our kids learn the Quran.

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